My art practice is about

paying attention to systematic confusion


systematic confusion

1, a paradox, or unity of opposites.  2, a process of building or arranging disregarded material into something regarded, regarding the disregarded. 

3, operations of displacement, replacement. 4, noticing the unnoticeable. 5, finding the unusual in the familiar.

They say there are 2 sides to every coin

but actually there are 3 sides.


My current ongoing body of work Nowhere Now Here examines the concept of liminality in relation to pressing contemporary issues of climate change, the environment, isolation and identity. Temporary/permanence, arrival/departure, ephemeral/un-ending; these concepts of opposites exist in attempts to define parts of the human experience that cannot be easily explained. These states of paradox share overlaps of liminal transition, creating an often-overlooked grey area which is also not easily explained. As we continually adapt within oscillating times - brought on by the global pandemic and current states of ecological crisis - we find ourselves within this grey area, fluctuating within a threshold of Perpetual Uncertainty. How can we navigate through these uncharted times individually, together, and in harmony with our surrounding landscapes?


Filling the void, adapting to the new, at the edge of disappearance, a rediscovery of spaces, spatial impermanence, uprooted, unfixed and unstable, caught between states of perpetual navigation, nowhere – now here.


Systematic Confusion

Photograph taken outside my studio window after the rain