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Perpetual Navigation

Deer Lake Residency Exhibition


Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

Burnaby BC, Canada


Deer Lake Residency Period

August 6 - September 15, 2022



Perpetual Navigation re-envisions traditional models of ceramics, materials and techniques, calling attention to the malleability of structures, unstable surfaces and adaptability though transition.

I have been thinking about the climate crisis in relation to why I am attracted to discarded objects that show the measure of time. Trajectories of change and the allure of transience inform many of the assemblages and constructions, making connections between artistic process, impermanence and transition.


Traces within spaces

Past leftovers of moments with unfixed futures

Fleeting vestiges of time

Transient moments of materiality

Mundane anchors of the everyday

Measured persistence

Unseen architectures

Trajectories of change

Reading between the lines

Liminal landscapes

Filling the void

Adapting to the new

At the edge of disappearance

A rediscovery of spaces

Caught between states of transition

Perpetual Navigation




Residency Exhibition XPO

ARE, Enschede Netherlands





relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process.

occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

3. liminal symbols of passage and transformation; doors, ladders, crossings, bridges, pallets.



Nowhere Now Here explores current issues of globalization and climate change through the lens of the liminal. Our cultural landscapes have been increasingly crisscrossed and blurred through shifting borders and boundaries, directly impacting the ways in which we all cohabitate with one another. Materials, images and objects  visually demonstrate transition and transformation - the visible and the invisible – the seen and unseen. In the exhibition the notion of 'space' and 'place' occurs in conjunction with ideas of the 'temporary' and 'permanent' creating a play between the real and the unreal - the Nowhere and the Now Here.




Kimoto Gallery

Vancouver BC Canada


The Day Job


(First excerpt, 2016)

Single channel video

06:56 min

2003 - Ongoing

The Day Job started in 2003, this is the first excerpt from hundreds of hours of footage over the years. What started out as a day job has now become part of my routine, hiding art in hard to find places. To notice the unnoticeable, to look where no one does, like a quasi-archeological expedition of absurdity and truth, quixotic adventures of surprise and play. Remember, whatever you are looking at is just the surface layer. Peel it like an onion and see what you can find.

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Notes - Self Portrait


Standard loose leaf paper, pen, pencil, ink,various media and found bits, stamps, tape, stickers, correction pen, found detritus

11" x 8.5"  each page (28cm x 21.5cm)

2001 - Ongoing


I have carried a piece of paper and pen on my person everyday without exception since the summer of 2001. I collect and doodle and record until the paper is full on both sides. Then I date the end and start of a new paper which I fold in half 3 times. 

Self Portrait


All of my parking tickets and collection letters, sewn into an empty wallet, thread

3.5” x 12.5” x 1”   (8.9cm x 31.8cm x 2.5cm)


Nomadic Recoils 


Residency Exhibition

Äkkigalleria, Jyväskylä Finland

August 20th - September 2nd, 2010 


Most of the material for this residency was found and salvaged from the surrounding landscape in the streets, old abandoned houses, farms and barns and then drawn on, combined with or Re-coiled. This was a strategy to regard the disregarded, challenging common perceptions of visual representation.

Hockey Night in Canada


Once Upon A Pond... pond hockey and global warming

Esplanade Art Gallery, Medicine Hat AB Canada Curated by Linda Sawchyn



Also exhibited at Vancouver ArtWalk

during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver BC Canada, 2010